Natures Gentle Touch Shea Butter Comb-Eazie Hair Lotion 110 ml


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Natures Gentle Touch Shea Butter Comb- Eazie Hair Lotion

Our Shea Butter Comb-Eazie Lotion is made to detangle hard to comb hair while adding moisture to dry, brittle and dull hair. With its Richness in Vitamins A and E, it offers the advantage of easy combing and manageability of natural hair. Shea Butter Comb Eazie Hair Lotion is formulated with a Herbalblend peptide complex,clinically proven to help comb hair easier.

How To Use

  1. Take adequate amount onto palm
  2. Apply into hair and comb
  3. Style as desired
  4. Use as directed

Natural Ingredients

Shea butter Oil, Jojoba Oil, Wheat Oil


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