Hair Breakage Problems

What is hair breakage?

Hair breakage is a condition where hair breaks off faster than it is growing in some cases leaving stubble and receding hairline. 

How do I know my hair is breaking?

· You can tell your hair is breaking when;
· You comb or brush your hair and end up with too much hair on your brush or comb.
· You discover loose strands of hair everywhere; on your pillow, in the bath, on your shoulders and around your dresser.
· You find it difficult to groom your hair to your desired length
· You lose too much hair when you take out braids and hair extensions

Causes of hair breakage 

· Over processed hair
· Wearing braids too tight
· Frequent use of hair extensions
· Frequent use of hair dye
· Use of too many styling tools
· Using rubber bands to hold the hair
· Incorrect hair care regime

Consequences of Hair Breakage

· Excessive hair breakage if left untreated could lead to complete hair loss.
· When a person is suffering from hair breakage, the hair is breaking off faster than it is growing and research has shown that this condition can lead to a state of irreversible hair loss.

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Treatment For Hair Breakage 

Hair treatment for breaking hair is very important once you know that your hair is breaking off . The remedies for hair breaking at home is to look for the best  product to stop hair breakage. Anti hair breakage  product with Eucalyptus oil  is the best solution for Hair breakage treatment .

Natures Gentle Touch Anti-Hair Breakage treatment begins with a hair reconstruction process. The treatment is designed with an ultra-active hair strengthening protein-based complex blended with the Essential Eucalyptus Oil and other herbal ingredients to heal and fortify weak or damaged hair. The Eucalyptus anti hair breakage product has the best shampoo for hair breakage to clean the scalp. 

How To Treat Hair Breakage

Step 1

Healthy Hair begins with a healthy scalp. Start reconstruction treatment with the WEEKLY ANTI- HAIR BREAKAGE SHAMPOO. Use the shampoo for hair breakage to clean the hair and the scalp and then rinse off afterwards. REPEAT WEEKLY.

Step 2

After Shampooing, apply the ANTI-HAIR BREAKAGE RECONSTRUCTION MASQUE. Then cover the hair with a heating cap for about 30 minutes, rinse off and REPEAT WEEKLY.

Step 3

When you have rinsed off the reconstruction Masque, apply the ANTI-HAIR BREAKAGE LEAVE-IN SERUM, then go ahead and style your hair. REPEAT 1-3 WEEKLY.

Step 4

Use the ANTI-HAIR BREAKAGE CONTROL daily to continue the reconstruction process and protect your hair from activities that lead to breakage. REPEAT DAILY.



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