Heat Damage Problems

What is heat damaged hair?

Heat damaged hair is when the natural hair texture after washing or wetting of strands, fails to return to its natural state. Depending on the amount of damage, curls could appear slightly or extremely slacker from original form or the curl could be compromised all together. Leaving you with straight hair or semi straight pieces

What are signs of heat damaged hair?

Hair ends are experiencing excessive split ends and or breakage
Hair feels severely dry and rough and appears dull
Experiences tangles and severe matting

How does heat cause damage to hair?

• Direct heat tools or appliances can cause the cuticles of your strands to be stripped off or break away from the surrounding fibers. The explanation for this is because heat tools or appliances can literally instantly drain the moisture from your hair which can cause the outer layer (the cuticles) to expand and release moisture of your strands that were trapped in.
• The use of heat appliances at levels that are detrimental to the state of your natural curls
• No application of a heat protecting conditioner, lotion or spray
• Product buildup such as self-applied oils can aid in increasing the heat temperatures placed on your strands by heat tools and appliances.

Why use Natures Gentle Touch Argan Oil Heat Protection Therapy?

Natures Gentle Touch Argan Oil helps guard against scalding-hot styling tools and improves hair health. The product is also designed to provide strong conditioning, colour protection and enhanced body to the hair.

Heat Damaged Hair Treatment Tips

• Use the Eucalyptus Anti-Hair Breakage range to repair overdramatized Hair as pre- treatment before Argan Oil
• Lower the temperature
• Reduce straightening or blow-drying frequency

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