Natures Gentle Touch Herbalblend Moisture Care Shampoo 250 ml


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 HerbalBlend Moisture Care Conditioning Shampoo

Natures Gentle Touch Herbal blend Moisture Care Conditioning Shampoo removes dirt, oil and product build up from the hair by its cleansing action and replenishes moisture into hair strands for strength and fullness.

Use: The product is formulated to replenish moisture into the hair strand for strength,softness and fullness as it cleans.


  1. Apply a small amount of Moisture Care Conditioning Shampoo to wet hair
  2. Massage thoroughly to create a rich lather
  3. Rinse and towed dry wet hair.
  4. Apply Natures Gentle Touch Deep Cholesterol Conditoning Treatment and Nature Gentle Touch Intensive Leave-In Conditioner.
  5. Styled as desired
  6. Suitable for  relaxed,colour treated and damaged hair

Natural Ingredients

Wheat Germ oil, Jojoba Seed Oil


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