Relaxer Treatment – Erica’s Testimony

Erica’s challenge was find the right product that will give her the ideal manageability for her hair. She has tried different hair relaxing products and always come out dissatisfied. Some of the applications leave her hair brittle and ultimately causing it to break.

We introduced her to the Natures Gentle Touch Herbalblend No-Lye Kit Relaxer which is formulated with a unique mix of natural ingredients like Shea Butter and Avocado Oil as well as herbal ultra conditioners that moisture and nourish the hair, making it straighter, softer and easy to manage.

After she used it, she sent us a picture to share her testimony of the great effects of theNatures Gentle Touch Herbalblend No-Lye Kit Relaxer on her hair.

Before and After

Natures Gentle Touch Experience – Juliana’s Testimony

Juliana has been using Natures Gentle Touch since her teenage years. It’s the main reason why her hair has always looked healthy. Her favourite Natures Gentle Touch products are the Daily Oil Moisturiser, Deep Conditioning Cholesterol Treatment, Castor Oil Conditioning Hair & Scalp Creme and the Intensive Leave-In Conditioner. She testified that Natures Gentle Touch is the best thing that has happened to her hair.


Dry Hair Treatment – Mirabel’s Testimony

Mirabel has fairly long hair but her challenge is that her hair is constantly dry. Her hair always has a dull appearance because it lacks moisture and oil. When she consulted with us, we recommended a treatment that will replenish moisture and nutrients into her hair strands to give it a healthy appearance.

With a weekly deep treatment using the Natures Gentle Touch Deep Conditioning Cholesterol Treatment and a daily moisture infusion using the Natures Gentle Touch Daily Oil Moisturiser, Mirabel is always thankful that Natures Gentle Touch gave her the right products that restored the integrity of her hair.

Before and After

Dandruff Treatment – Adeola’s Testimony

Her name is Adeola and she came to us with a severe case of dandruff, itchy scalp and so much discomfort. After her diagnosis, she was placed on treatment using the Natures Gentle Touch Tea Tree Anti-Dandruff which consists of the Shampoo, Instant Conditioner, Leave-In Treatment, Scalp Protector and Daily Scalp Therapy.


2 weeks into her treatment, we assessed her and the result showed that her flaking has greatly reduced, the itching had subsided and both her hair and scalp were looking healthier.

After 6 weeks, Adeola’s scalp was completely rid of dandruff. There was no more itching. Her scalp was well conditioned. All the dandruff flakes were eliminated and the health of her hair was greatly improved.

After 6 weeks

She continued with the Natures Gentle Touch Tea Tree Anti-Dandruff Scalp Protector and Daily Scalp Therapy to prevent the recurrence of the problem.