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The hair is an essential part of our body as it reflects our health and fitness. Most of us express our sense of style with our hair, which reflects our personality, values and the way we are perceived by people. Therefore, the importance of adequate hair care cannot be overemphasized.

Unfortunately, we seem to often neglect this. As a result, we are faced with various hair and scalp challenges like dandruff, hair breakage, hair loss, split ends and stunted growth. The fact is, there is no “hair magic” that improves hair growth if the hair is not properly maintained.

Let’s get started with our diet. Diet plays a major factor in the health and growth of our hair. It is very important that we eat a balanced diet, especially meals rich in protein, because the hair follicles are made up of mostly proteins. Our hair derives its nutrients from the roots which are the only living part of the hair and it is found under the scalp. When we have a healthy diet, it aids the hair strength and sheen. The hair is also comprised of water, to be specific about 20%. Therefore, we should endeavour to stay hydrated especially during the dry season.

The bedrock of healthy hair is a healthy scalp. But it is not a surprise that most of us neglect to care for the scalp. This has led to issues like dry scalp, dandruff and hair loss. Scalp protection entails keeping the scalp clean and moisturized at all times. When the scalp is being plagued by any of the mentioned issues, it results in flakes which block the hair follicles, and when it is not taken care of, it leads to hair loss. This is because the scalp cannot breathe under the thick layer of flakes. So the scalp plays a vital role in the healthy growth of the hair.

We can maintain a healthy scalp by regular moisturizing and if dandruff is a challenge, it is advisable to properly treat. Natures Gentle Touch Daily Oil Moisturizer keeps the hair properly moisturized and the Tea Tree Anti Dandruff Range treats for dandruff.

Another major fact that should be kept in mind and practice is keeping to a healthy hair care regimen. This involves consistency in carrying out certain activities which keep the hair in good condition for growth. Such activities include; a regular act of shampooing, deep conditioning, moisturizing and adequate styling of the hair.

While we keep to a healthy hair care regimen, using the right products for our hair is a necessity. It is advisable to use moisture care shampoo when no chemical application is done. Deep conditioning should be done immediately after shampooing as it helps the hair restore moisture and repair damages. Always stick to hairstyles that do not put pressure on the hair and scalp in other not to experience hair loss or scalp irritation. Thus, we should take proper care of the hair to ensure healthy growth.

We are halfway through the year already and with these hair facts, we would be able to achieve a healthy hair journey throughout the rest of the year.

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