Coconut oil which is derived from the mature fruits of coconut trees is the first plant oil ever used by mankind. The thick white semi-solid can be used both internally and externally; for healthy food and ideal skin amongst other benefits. In this post, however, we will be focusing on the benefits of the coconut oil to the hair as seen on the hair of natives of coastal and tropical regions who discovered and have been using the beneficial properties of oil for thousands of years.

Benefits of Coconut Oil
You are probably asking what you stand to gain by applying coconut hair to your hair. Is it just hype or is it real? What are the actual benefits of applying coconut oil to the hair? Here are a couple of reasons why coconut oil is good for your hair:

  1. Fatigue Prevention
    The shrinking and swelling of fibres as a result of water retention and absorption usually affects hair. This ‘hygral fatigue’ is highly prevented by coconut oil which protects the hair from possible damage.
  2. Conditions the Hair From Inside
    Well moisturized and strong hair is a necessity and coconut oil retains moisture. This keeps the hair healthy and shiny.
    Coconut hair also protects the hair from heat and environmental damage by conditioning the hair from within.
  3. Prevents & Fights Bacteria
    Coconut oil is very rich in anti-bacterial properties and nutrients that protect the hair and scalp from bacteria, protozoan and viral infections.
    Interestingly, people who use coconut oil also have chances of avoiding grey hair and maintaining their natural hair colour even in old age.
  4. Reduces Protein Loss
    The composition of the hair is totally protein and therefore when the hair loses protein, it becomes weak and unhealthy. According to research, coconut oil significantly reduces this protein loss from both damaged and undamaged hair. Coconut oil still remains the only oil that helps with the reduction in hair protein loss.
    How to Properly Apply Coconut Oil
  5. Start With Small Amounts
    It is advisable to apply small amounts of coconut oil to the hair until you are sure how the hair responds to it. Coconut oil is not favourable to every hair type. Thus, applying an excess of it without knowing how it will affect your hair is very risky as it can lead to unhealthy hair or even hair loss.
  6. Avoid The Scalp
    Despite its usefulness in combating dandruff and other fungal components, many have argued that it may have negative effects if applied directly on the scalp. The oil may clog pores and cause irritation on some scalps and is, therefore, best used directly on the hair and not the scalp.
  7. Add Other Ingredients
    The effects of coconut oil on hair can differ when other oils or ingredients are added to it. Blending it with honey and yoghurt may offer more benefits than coconut oil alone and is very good for a deep hair treatment.
    We have the Coconut Oil hair cream (that helps to improve the condition of the cuticle and also conditions the hair and scalp leaving it healthy for easy grooming) in store for you and can’t wait to have you try them out and send in your testimonies.

Do you have more suggestions and knowledge of coconut oil that you would like to share with us? Feel free to drop them in the comment section.

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