Deep Conditioning is The Hair Best Friend

Hair can be as soft as silk. Now I know many Nigerian women reading this will be on the opposing side. I can imagine some of you touching your hair to feel the texture or remembering what your hair texture feels like. Women have been known to give various categories to their hair texture; some silk, others cotton while majority wool.  The average Nigerian woman will totally agree that her hair texture is like wool. The interesting thing about this is that they are actually right! If this is right does it mean the hair cannot be as soft as silk? Of course not. How can this be possible?

The hair being as soft as silk does not just occur by chance. Proper washing and deep conditioning of the hair gives the hair sufficient moisture which is key to making the hair as soft as silk. This implies that dry hair will not be able to attain a soft texture due to the fact that it does not have enough moisture to keep it soft which gives it a dull and frizzy look.

There is a popular adage that says that “the hair is the pride of a woman”. How can a woman experience this sense of feminity and pride when the hair is not a pleasure to behold? Imagine not being proud to flaunt your natural hair due to its dry, dull and lifeless look. This is a heart breaking challenge.

What is Our Solution to This?

There are many factors that lead to dry hair. Some of these factors include:

  • Weather
  • Diet
  • Use of products that contain harsh chemicals
  • Excessive use of thermal styling tools without a heat protectant.
  • Swimming in salty or chlorinated water.
  • Not practicing a healthy hair care routine.

To avoid dry hair, it is very important to stay away from all these practices. In addition, properly wash and deep condition the hair.

The bedrock to getting a healthy hair is a healthy scalp. This is what shampooing does. It entails the use of shampoo to remove dirt and product build up. Always ensure to wash your hair at least once every two weeks, in other to remove dirt that has been trapped on the hair and scalp. Another important thing to do is to deep condition immediately after shampooing the hair.

Yes! Do you know that washing the hair without deep conditioning makes the hair dry? This is so true. Washing the hair removes moisture from the hair and scalp, hence it is important to retain moisture to avoid dryness. That is why deep conditioning is an essential routine after washing the hair.

Deep Conditioning is necessary to prevent the hair from getting dry and enable it to be as soft as silk. A proper deep conditioning helps to repair damages on the hair, gives the hair the tensile strength it needs, conditions the scalp and gives life to the hair which keeps the hair in perfect condition for healthy growth.

It is also of great importance that you make use of a leave-in conditioner after deep conditioning your hair because it helps to moisturize the hair and detangle knotted hair. It also acts as a barrier against heat and makes the hair manageable and more responsive to styling. Therefore, we can say that it is impossible for dry hair to have healthy growth.

The two most important things to consider when carrying out these practices are:

  1. Using the right products.
  2. Consistency in practice.

When your hair is properly washed and deep conditioned, there is no room for dryness and the feel of the hair will be like silk. Nigerian hair can be as soft as silk, despite the weather when properly washed, deep conditioned and moisturized.  

Finally, the beauty of a woman is more refined when she knows she can boldly step out with her natural hair. She automatically stands out from the crowd. We are in a world today where Nigerian women have been convinced to embrace artificial hair because of the belief, which unfortunately is turning to a fact that most Nigerian women’s hair is like wool, dull, lifeless and difficult to manage. Let’s say no to this! The Nigerian woman’s hair is unique and when properly washed, deep conditioned and moisturized, it can be as soft as silk.

Let’s show the hair some love! Keep it moisturized, say no to dryness, stick to a regular practice of washing and deep conditioning and moisturizing the hair.

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