Natures Gentle Touch Hair Institute takes us through 5 Causes of Dandruff & their Appropriate Remedies

It is estimated that over 50% of the world’s adult population suffers from dandruff. This is a whopping sum! Studies have also shown that 70% of Nigerians suffer from dandruff and a majority of this number are women.

Dandruff is a condition of the scalp that causes flakes of skin to appear and is often accompanied by itching which can be in many cases quite embarrassing. Dandruff is said to be more common in people with oily scalp. This is beside several other factors that can lead to this common scalp problem.

Even though the precise triggers for dandruff are widely unknown, it is, however, a fact that individuals vary in their susceptibility to developing this problem and not just the level of yeast colonization which causes dandruff. Other factors such as an excessively oily scalp, dry weather, fatigue amongst others are triggers as well.

Below are 5 things no one has probably told you about your dandruff problems.

Stress & Fatigue can cause Dandruff

Even though there are stressors all around us and some level of stress is good, it will interest you to know that mental stress can be a trigger for dandruff problems. In the year 2007, a study was conducted on 82 people who suffered from depression as well as anxiety. It was found that more than 80% of the patients had scalps that flaked excessively!

According to health experts, when we are under stress, our body produces glucocorticoid which is a substance that helps us calm down. Glucocorticoids have the ability to alter the make-up of cells that are present on our scalps. This ability may leave us prone to the fungus Malassezia which causes Dandruff.

Dandruff solution does not come in just one product type

There are several product propositions and opinions where several brands make curative promises, for example, an anti-dandruff shampoo which only promises to cure dandruff. This can be misleading as a simple anti-dandruff shampoo is likely going to relief you for only a moment but does not eliminate flakes and itching. A proper and effective management of dandruff will be a use of complete product range from shampooing the hair, deep-conditioning and a frequent treatment for maintenance as well as protecting the scalp from the re-occurence of dandruff.

Some after-care products are loaded with chemicals which can cause dandruff

Several after-care products can be loaded with chemicals that imparts short term gloss to the hair but can be excessively drying to the scalp. This can definitely cause Dandruff to the scalp because of the dryness of scalp. It is advised to use a product range from the same brand as opposed to using different product types from different brands Product choice is, therefore, important in the effective management of Dandruff.

A good hygiene and a healthy lifestyle can reduce chances of developing dandruff

Some studies have suggested that a healthy lifestyle has been shown to reduce the re-occurence of dandruff.

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