To every transformation, there’s a force, and to every result, consistency. Let us take a moment to discuss, how often do you look at your skin and smile without having the urge to rip it off? Do you ever feel the need to exchange your skin for someone else’s? Are you proud of your SKIN? Can you showoff your skin and still stand tall in a room full of clearer and more refined skins? How often have you gone online to check for skin repair serums without finding the perfect solution to your problem? If most of your answers do not reflect that you’re in love with your skin, then you’re in luck because you are in the right place at the right time!

Natures gentle touch has decided to give your skin the maximum glow and nourishment it needs to stand the test of time, weather or place. Asides the refreshing smell the tangerine oil bath and shower gives, it is also infused with a lot of rich ingredients, solely designed to give your skin that classy look and feel. You never have to worry about dry or oil skin with this amazing bath and shower oil which is also suitable for all skin types, skin friendly and skin soothing in every form. So, what are you waiting for? This is an opportunity for you to share your natures gentle touch story with an obvious result to show for it!


Your skin is your identity. It speaks in volumes about how much you care for it by the kind of products you acquire for it. Why not used a tested and trusted product and see the difference it produces in a short while? Natures gentle touch tangerine oil bath and shower is your best stop for a clearer, healthier and glowing skin. While this product nourishes your skin back to health, its active ingredients also help in making sure that your skin never goes back to its previous damage, by consistent use of this product. Let us give you a chance to share your testimony by purchasing the product and amassing all the goodness that it brings to your skin.

HOW TO USE: apply a rich amount of the tangerine oil bath and shower on your palm, rub hands together and lather all over your body, then wash gently.

Your skin deserves to feel maximum nourishment, try natures gentle touch tangerine oil bath and shower today, and watch your skin tell the story tomorrow.

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