If a smiley could be added to the title, then it would be the smiling smiley. What is more interesting than those raw virgin curls? So unrefined, so natural, so lovely. There is beauty in diversity and the hair is good proof of that. There are various curl types, such as 2, 3 and 4, with sub classification from A to C. The beauty of virgin hair is the diversity in curl types. What makes it more interesting is nurturing it, and what gives so much joy is healthy hair growth.  

Generally, Nigerians are blessed with the 4c hair type –  you know, the tightest curl pattern, hair forming “s” and “z” … LOL. There are many characteristics of the 4c hair but for the purpose of this article, we would only discuss how to nurture it. The assertion that virgin hair, especially the 4c type is difficult to maintain is indeed true. Imagine the pain of detangling and the deception of shrinkage! So real!

So the big question is how do you address the challenges and nurture the hair for healthy growth? Come, let’s provide you with tested and trusted tips for easy nurturing and healthy growth of 4c virgin hair.

  1. Shampoo Right: This is very important to avoid dirt on the hair and scalp. Shampooing can be done at most weekly or bi-weekly and at least once in 4 weeks. Always use Sulfate free shampoo, like Natures Gentle Touch Monoi Oil Natural Hair Strengthening Shampoo.
  2. Deep Condition: Generally, once you shampoo your hair it is very important to deep condition immediately, this will restore moisture, prevent dryness, and keep the hair healthy. We recommend that deep conditioning should be done once in 2 weeks, but 4c hair thrives when it is deep conditioned weekly. Use a deep conditioner specifically made for 4c hair. Natures Gentle Touch Monoi Oil Natural Hair Conditioning Therapy, is a perfect example.
  3. Retain Moisture: Moisture retention is key. The 4c hair has a very tight curl pattern which prevents the distribution of sebum around your hair, making it very easy to dry out quickly when compared to other coil patterns. Make it an intentional act to ensure your hair is always moisturized. Use Oils like Natures Gentle Touch Daily Oil Moisturizer and Natures Gentle Touch Natural Hair Spray Lotion, to ensure your hair is moisturized daily. In addition, use Natures Gentle Touch Monoi Oil Natural Hair Restore Serum to lock in moisture immediately after shampooing and deep conditioning.
  4.  Detangle Carefully: The 4c hair is usually very tangled, so it is important that detangling should be done with care. Failure to detangle carefully leads to breakage, which hinders growth. Detangle with a wide – toothed comb regularly and good detangling products. With Natures Gentle Touch Shea Butter Comb Eazie, detangling is very painless and easy.
  5. Style Smart: The 4c hair lends itself to a variety of styling options, but that does not mean you should explore styles that tangle the hair. Remember to use styling products that do not dry out the hair, you can try Natures Gentle Touch Lock & Twist Gel. Also, do not touch and style the hair excessively to avoid breakage. Try out, twist outs, braid outs, Bantu knot, puff, and two strand twists.

Finally, let’s bear in mind that 4c hair is beautiful and versatile, the shrinkage is lovely, embrace it!

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