Why You Should Trim Your Hair Regularly

You’re probably wide-eyed at the moment, wondering what kind of person would advise you to trim your hair in order to make it better. Yes, you can close your eyes a bit now, you read the title correctly. Trimming your hair regularly is actually good for your hair and its being healthy and long. “How does cutting one’s hair make it better?” you may ask. Not to worry, today we’ll be giving you reasons why it is beneficial to your hair that you trim it.

  1. It helps avoid split ends
    As the hair grows longer, the hair cuticle i.e., the outer covering of the hair weakens and eventually breaks. This results in the strands of the middle layer being unprotected. Split-ends usually start at the tip of the hair and make its way up unless you cut it off. So actually trimming your hair regularly will help prevent the split end from spreading and ruining the rest of your hair.
  2. It boosts hair growth
    Nothing good comes easy and the same can be applied to the case of growing hair. It is not an overnight process as it usually requires you to tend to your hair every day and night. Regular trimming is an essential part of tending to the hair as it eliminates split-ends which are usually the genesis of hair damage and breakage. By trimming your hair, you are giving room for healthy strands to grow which is easier to manage than fragile ones. So as soon as you notice split-ends on your hair, visit the salon at once for trimming.
  3. Prevents hairballs
    Dead hair sometimes, usually find its way to the split-end and hang there. And because the end of the hair is frayed like a broom, the dead hairs get caught up there and form balls. The result of this is that it makes the hair tangle and makes combing a lot more hectic and may even cause some of your hair to fall off. Detangling the hair at this point becomes difficult and so, the only way to prevent such occurrence is by trimming the hair regularly.
  4. It helps to retain the length of your hair
    Contrary to popular belief, trimming your doesn’t actually make it shorter. If anything, it retains the length of your hair and can even make it grow longer. When you have split ends and you do not take care of it by properly trimming them, the split travels up the hair shaft and causes the stunted growth of the hair.
  5. It makes your hair healthier
    Cutting off damaged ends gives your hair a more gorgeous and healthy look. By getting a regular trim, you get rid of damaged hair. And your stylist may even recommend some treatments to rejuvenate your hair and make it look all the better.
    Now, that you know the benefits of trimming your hair, it will also be best for you to know that that scheduling your hair every 3-4 months for trimming will keep your hair healthy and strong.
    If you have other tips concerning hair trimming that you know is effective, feel free to share it with us in the comment section below, so that other readers can read and learn too.

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